## Controls

- Touch on mobile or click on desktop to falling square and
line to other squares to go up.

- Blue squares will rotate clockwise, green squares counterclockwise. 
If you want to stop, just click or touch the screen.

- When you are free from gravity, you can jump  a alittle 
by clicking or touching on the screen.

## Description
- Friend of the Fallen is jumping game but not endless,
just 404 frames.

- Rotator squares are generated and placed randomly.

- The goal is to reach the 404th screen, but it won't be a happy ending :).

## Tips
1. Try to get rid of gravity and go upstairs.
2. Sometimes they work, usually they mess you up :).

Made for Js13kGames competition, competition theme is "404".
Also, reasonable people would use the entire 13kb **minified and zipped** limit.
Reasonable people, not us, entire human-readable code with comments **and** this description totals under 13kb.

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