## Controls
WASD / Arrow Keys : Movement
R : Restart
3-9 : Set difficulty / size

## Description
- Do you want to go back to a time before the console wars of 8bit vs 16bit?

- When the graphics consisted of random, often flashing, colors;
and the sound was generated by oscilloscopes?

- When often there was no menu screen,
and when there was one you couldn't figure out which switches to flip to start the game?

- When there were no way of winning or completing the game,
only playing as long as you can until you inevitably lost?

**Then _MVLM_ is the game for you!**
Follow links in adjacent nodes to teleport around and reach the goal.
But watch out, some links are broken and cannot be followed.

## Tips
1. You can teleport next to the goal and move into it as well.
2. You can teleport on top of 404 nodes to use the links around.
3. Each level has at least one solution that **teleports** you to the goal in _difficulty_ moves.
4. If there is only one such possible path, it is guaranteed not to have 404 nodes.
5. If there are multiple such paths, but all of them share certain nodes, those nodess cannot be 404 nodes.

Made for Js13kGames competition, competition theme is "404".
Also, reasonable people would use the entire 13kb **minified and zipped** limit.

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